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/// Athletic Development

The Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy places a very high focus on overall player fitness. We believe that players have to be strong, flexible, agile, quick and durable to be successful in this sport. Players will have fitness training 60-90 minutes daily with the following disciplines twice per week: strength training, yoga/stretch, on-court/off court sprint work, movement/agility, and body maintenance/physical therapy.

The number one goal in our fitness training is injury prevention. Strength and flexibility will lead to fewer injuries for our players. Second, we train for speed. Good players are fast, and we have to train for quickness to keep up with the speed of the game. Our ultimate goal is to have the fittest players – strong, fast, and durable.

/// Included in our Fitness program is our PEAK >> Fitness Testing:

Aerobic Endurance Tests, Anaerobic Endurance Tests, Strength Tests, Upper Body Power Tests, Lower Body Power Tests, Agility Tests, Speed Tests, Flexibility Tests. 

/// Fitness Training Team

For students seeking a more traditional academic environment Jackson-Bridge has partnered with these acredited schools to offer an alternative to the Home School Independent Study format.

/// Damon Lambert (Fitness Manager)

Damon oversees all fitness programming for JBTA players. As our Fitness Manager, his role is to continually evaluate the athletic performance of all players in the Academy.

“I strive to assist athletes in acheiving their highest possible potential to efficiently produce whatever movement is needed for their particular sport.  I achieve this through defining body awareness and control while honing central nervous system functionality.”

/// OC FastTwitch

We are Orange County’s premier sports performance training center. We offer hand written individualized programming in a semi-private workout setting.  We focus on progressive development and recruitment of the necessary tools to succeed on the field of play. If your looking to take the next step in your athletic career it is time to take the first step! 
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