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/// Pro Tour Training

The Jackson-Bridge Path to Professional Tennis has a systematic training method designed and implemented by Coach Kevin Jackson and Coach Mitch Bridge.  The player roster at this time is limited to 4-6 players on annual playing contracts.  Players are typically ages 15-30 years of age with 5 to 7 years minimum playing experience.

Training modes include private instruction weekly with extensive use of video for technical and match play analysis, sparring/hitting sessions with tour level partner and coach, personalized fitness regiment, PEAK >> and CEP >> with frequent updating, nutrition plan, tournament coaching at all local matches and mental focus training.

/// Weekly Training Path to Pro:

  • 4 one hour Private Lessons with Director/Head Coach
  • 4 hour Sparring/hitting Sessions with Tour Level Coach
  • Monday thru Friday Drilling and Sets Play
  • Monday thru Friday Fitness including Strength, Speed, Plyometrics and Flexibility/yoga
  • Mental Focus Training
  • Use of PEAK >> and CEP >> assessment tools
  • Tournament Scheduling & Periodization
  • Nutrition Planning (Optional)
  • Massage, Cupping treatments, physical therapy, Injury Prevention and Maintenance (additional fees apply)

/// Sample Schedule:

The Path to Pro player’s training schedule is customized to fit their individual needs. Typically the program will consist of a morning training block, afternoon, and evening fitness unless tournament travel requires modification of the schedule. Players in this program are trained and managed by JBTA Directors exclusively.

/// Tuition Plan:

Plans may vary based on customized training programs for each player. All players must be on a school year contract with monthly or quarterly payment schedules.   

/// Financial Assistance:

Financial assistance is available for qualified players.  Jackson-Bridge accepts donor and corporate sponsorships on behalf of players for training, travel, tournament expenses, equipment, medical treatment, and any training-related expenses.  All donations are tax exempt through the Katalys Foundation 501 (C)(3) >>.