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/// General Information

Q… What makes JBTA different than the other big boarding academies?

A… Jackson-Bridge uses a system of coaching that is very “hands-on” with private lessons 2-4 times weekly, small group training daily with 2-4 players on the court plus group hitting and match play. You will receive a great deal more one-on-one coaching at JBTA. Why Jackson-Bridge >>

Q… How do I know that my player is going to improve as quickly and as well as he/she could at another academy or under a private coach?

A… You don’t know for sure, but Coach Kevin and Coach Mitch have built into this academy all of the elements of success: (a) one-on-one and small group coaching daily (b) complete fitness training with strength, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility and explosion (c) strategic drilling and sets play (d) mental visual and relaxation practice with both technical and matchplay video analysis (e) tournament coaching at all matches in SoCal (f) continual player evaluation through PEAK >> and CEP >>.

Q… The tuition at full-time academies is fairly equivalent to college tuition. Why shouldn’t we, as parents, just save the money for college tuition vs attend an academy for the same price?

A… That’s a great question and raises a good point. The reason why you would invest in this process of development is for the type of training your child will receive. We train our students to be CEOs.  From work ethic to daily goal setting and tournament mindset, our players learn how to navigate well in the highly competitive world of high-level tennis. We treat them like future CEOs in that we demand them to operate like professionals in life and tennis. Balancing school and tennis training at this level creates habits and rituals that will help propel students into highly successful adults with the work ethic to succeed in all facets of their lives. Mission >>

Q… What is the experience and ability level needed for the Full-time Program?

A… All players must have open to national level tournament experience, however, there are some exceptions. If you are not sure if Jackson-Bridge is the right fit for your player, we provide player evaluations to determine their level and compatibility with our training method.

Q… What is your fitness program?

A… Fitness is a big part of our curriculum. Taking care of your body through injury prevention, working on speed, strength and flexibility are all very important aspects of the Jackson-Bridge game plan.  Our priority is to build the most durable athletes. We work on fitness during all sessions in addition to 1-2 hours daily evening workouts. Fitness >>

Q… Do you provide boarding options for traveling students?

A… Yes, we offer Full-time and Short stay accommodations on location at Los Cab Sports Village >>. All players are supervised 24hrs.

/// Academics

Q… Is there an academic program for Full-time students?

A… Yes, contact us for info on our academic options. Academics >>

Q… What are your schooling options?

A… Our students use an online curriculum, attend public and attend private schools. We have a tutorial classroom in the mornings from 7:30am-11:30 am for online students. Our foreign players attend Anaheim Discovery Christian School from 8:30am-1:00 pm and traditional US school students in our boarding academy attend Fountain Valley High School with an early release.

Q… Visa assistance for Full-time students?

A… Yes, contact us for info on our academic options with I-20 access. Academics >>

Q… Do you help with the college recruiting process?

A… We start working with our students in Grade 10 with college placement and continually work with them on the process thru the signing of their National Letter of Intent. We also are in regular contact with coaches through the US to help with the scholarship process.

/// Registration Process

 Q… How do I register my player for the Full-time Program?

A… The Full-time Program is not like traditional academy programs. Player’s are accepted if their goal is to secure a Division 1 Collegiate scholarship or to compete at a Professional level. The player must then complete a performance evaluation and is admitted on a one-month probationary period. All players in the Full-time Program are on a 10 month school year contract.

/// Location / Facilities

Q… Why not put this academy in Florida or in Europe where the bulk of the larger academies are located?

A… To tell you the truth, Southern California is the perfect place for a boarding academy. The weather is terrific. Very little rain. The tournament circuit is the best in the world at all levels. To compete in tournaments less than 45 minutes away all year around and not stay in a hotel is a huge asset. Also, with the growth of tennis in Asia, California is an excellent location to grow a student base from these Asian Countries.

Q… What facilities do you have at your club?

A… Los Cab Sports Village >> is a sports complex with full fitness facilities, Olympic pool, 23 newly resurfaced hard courts, 432 condos, pro shop, restaurant, physical therapy, offices, conference rooms. A facility with all of the amenities

 /// Financial Assistance

Q… Who Qualifies for Assistance?

A… Players competing at a national or international level are welcome to request financial assistance. All players in this program must be seeking a Division 1 collegiate scholarship or a professional career. Proof of income and personal references may be requested to verify qualifications.

Q… How to register?

A… Register via email or call us directly at (949) 287-2878. Email us at info@jacksonbridgetennis.com >>. Included in your email must be the player’s full name and all valid rankings.