SESSIONS OFFERED: Mon-Fri, 12-6pm (FT), 12-3pm & 3-6pm (PT)
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Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy in Orange County, California

Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy is one of the few academies in California to offer the safety and comfort of on-site boarding with 24-hour supervision. JBTA is located at Los Cab Sports Village in Fountain Valley, California.

Getting Started at Jackson-Bridge! Academy (JBTA) students receive comprehensive on-court player evaluations to make the development process efficient and effective. Our evaluation method systematically identifies developmental strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint specific skills a player is lacking. Our Coaching Team is proficient at:

• Evaluating technical and tactical deficiencies
• Building a development plan
• Implementing the JBTA system
• Assessing the results


FULL-TIME >> The program involves systematic training for players who attend independent/online academic programs. PART-TIME >> This program is for players attending traditional schools and playing High School to Open tournaments. Camps include SUMMER >> and SEASONAL CAMPS >>

Building A Career! At Jackson-Bridge we assist our players in making an educated decision with regard to a career path. Offering Collegiate and Pro development training allows us to establish a roadmap to the highest level for each player. Included in all player programs:

• Private Instruction
• Small Group + Match Play
• College Placement (College Bound)
• Tournament Assistance (Tour Bound)


Meet Our Tennis Academy Directors

PHILOSOPHY: “Through the use of a TEAM mentality and COMPETITIVELY motivated intensity, JBTA is committed to developing players to excel in tennis while training to become CEOs in life.” – JBTA TEAM View Full Team >>


Director & Owner
Tennis Academy Services: Group Training / Private Lessons / Program Curriculum / Evaluations / ITF Team



Director & Owner
Tennis Academy Services: Group Training / Private Lessons / Player Recruitment / Evaluations / Tournament Team


Jackson-Bridge (JBTA) is an elite Full-Time Academy. For more videos follow us on YouTube at Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy >>

Our Full-Time Tennis Academy features all developmental elements of tennis, including:


Players are assigned to a Director or Academy Head Coach as their primary coach for private instruction. MORE INFO >>


Sessions include technique, movement, tactical, and shot selection drills. FULL-TIME | PART-TIME >>


Our competition practice includes – UTR ladders, team match play, and situational points. MORE INFO >>


Sessions include flexibility for injury prevention, agility, balance, strength, and speed training. MORE INFO >>


Individualized instruction, program coordination, and student accountability will be our primary focus. MORE INFO >>


SoCal has every tournament level available – Open, National, ITF, WTA, ATP, and UTR tournaments. MORE INFO >>


On a path to a college or the pro tour, our fully custom plans are available for personalized training. MORE INFO >>


Players are invited to get the full camp experience in our supervised On-Site Boarding condos. MORE INFO >>


The Academy Learning Center at Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy provides a structured and supportive learning environment for independent study students grade levels (K-12). Now with On-site & In-class options.



The Academy Learning Center provides a structured and supportive learning environment for independent study students. Individualized instruction, program coordination, and student-athlete accountability is our primary focus. Students are attending all grade levels (K-12). Traditional school include a modified academic schedule to all for increased tennis training hours.

What We Offer:

• Daily instruction, planning & grading
• Test/SAT & ACT preparation
• Low staff/student ratio
• Counseling services/program referrals
• College applications & recommendations
• Parent-Teacher Conferencing
• Private tutoring by appointment (all subjects)


Jackson-Bridge has partnered with three accredited academic programs. For US and international independent study our students attend the Academy Learning Center of Orange County. Students requiring I-20 VISA, and or a traditional classroom curriculum will attend either Anaheim discovery Christian School (NOW ONLINE) or Mater Dei High School.

Multi Curriculum:

• Irvine Home School K/8 (Irvine Residents)
• CHEP (K/8)
• Pacific Coast High School
• Connections Academy (Online Program)
• Laurel Springs (K-12)
• Julian Charter School (K-12)
• Other Independent Study Programs Welcome


JBTA college recruiting provides the ideal assistance for talented student-athletes to connect with the right college coaches. Our Priority is to meets the needs of both athletes and coaches for lasting relationship.



The Jackson-Bridge Directors have been placing players in colleges nation-wide. Our system consist of a comprehensive breakdown of the strengths and weakness of our players. We then design a development plan to increase the competitive level, allowing us to have a higher level of success in finding the best college team fit.

Placement Profile/Resume:

• Player Stats & Bio
• Academic Level & Accomplishments
• Extracurricular Activies / Philanthropy
• Non Family references
• Playing Style
• Past Coach History (Preferred Coaching Style)
• Personality Charateristics


Performance Evaluation Assessment Key: P.E.A.K. is a technical, tactical, mental, and physical evaluation conducted by the JBTA Directors, and head coaches. As a rating based evaluation, all parts of a player’s game is given a score (separated by category – technique, etc.), with all scores compiled to calculate a performance rating.

Phase III Metrics Chart: The second component of our evaluation method is a metrics chart we call PHASE III. When a player is evaluated with P.E.A.K. and an academy performance rating (score) is generated we compare the player’s score, age, and competitive ratings to our chart.

Competitive Edge Plan: After generating a performance rating with our P.E.A.K., and assessing a player’s overall proficiency with our PHASE III chart we move into developing a training plan that pinpoints specific deficiencies, and proficiency in each development category. This systematic approach provides the player with a more efficient way to train and gives coaches clear objectives when planning the day to day drills.


We welcome players from all over the world at Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy.

INT’L Student Academics & College Recruiting

We offer full-time boarding and visa assistance for all international tennis students. Our international students obtain their I-20 STUDENT VISAS from the Anaheim Discovery School, a private school located in nearby Anaheim. ADCS has ESL as well as a full curriculum of college preparatory and NCAA–approved coursework. New for 2020 – all JBTA academics, and boarding are on-site at Los Cab Sports Village.

• ELITE TENNIS TRAINING: Individualized Training Plans, Private Lessons (included), Tournament Circuit & Coaching, Mental Training, Evaluations, & Practice Matches.
• US COLLEGE TENNIS: Ivy League, Pac-12, SEC, ACC or D2/D3 College Exposure, On-court Training Evaluation, College Selection, Resume Evaluations & Development, Tournament Schedule Review.
• VISA ASSISTANCE: I-20 Visa, ON-SITE ACADEMICS, ESL, SAT & ACT Prep, Housing and 24-hour Supervision.



Home Style Boarding

Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy is one of the few academies in California to offer the safety and comfort of on-site boarding with 24-hour supervision. JBTA is located in Fountain Valley, California. (Southern California, 5 miles from Disneyland)



Year-round Activities

JBTA players experience a balance of hard work and social fun. Additional events include: movies, beaches, SoCal landmarks, amusement parks (Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Six Flags Magic Mountain). Living in SoCal, there is no shortage of interesting venues.



2021 Tennis Academy Calendar

Academy Calendar + Save the date: The Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy calendar at a glance. To participate in our upcoming tennis events in California, click here EVENTS >>




2021 Tournament Calendar

Due to Covid-19 our tournament schedule will be contingent upon the when the USTA and CDC resumes competition. In the mean time we are planning to offer ON-SITE Tournaments.

OPEN / NAT. >>

California is host to 100+ Jr. Open tournaments and 20+ National tournaments. JBTA has players competing weekly.


The Junior ITF and Futures Circuits are strong with 3 Junior ITF, 8+ Futures taking place at SoCal venues.

WTA / ATP >>

California is home to the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, and 8+ Challenger men’s and women’s tournaments.



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