Junior Tennis Camps for 8 to 10 year old players.

NEW THIS FALL! This program is for a select group of 8-10yr olds who are passionate about becoming the next great superstars in tennis. The program is run by me, Kevin Jackson (JBTA Co-Director) with a single focus to produce Pro tennis players. 

I have been teaching tennis in Socal for 19 years and in that time I’ve worked with hundreds of players. Although it’s been very rewarding to see the older players reach their final destinations, I have to admit the most rewarding relationships I’ve had is getting the opportunity to develop 2 players from the ground up starting at age 8.

Of the many players, I’ve trained to be awarded scholarships to a variety of colleges I was especially proud of my first long-term student who competes at UC Davis. After eight years of working together, I found the relationship was as important as the tennis. I believe this is missing in junior development today. 

I am currently working with a player, and we have started our 7th year together, and I am just as committed if not more than when we began. When I stop being a major contributor to her development I will make sure to move out of the way of her success, but until then we will strive for the highest level as a team. 

I’m looking for a small group of 8-10yr olds and their families, who are looking for the same kind of relationship, as well as elite tennis training. If that’s you this may be the program you have been searching for…

Program Includes / Private Instruction, Evaluations, Custom Schedules, Kid Fitness, Mental Training, Weekly Clinic For Ground Up Group Only).