(Director) Coach Mitch is an experienced technician with an excellent eye for formulating how a player should build his/her game for future success. Mitch competed at No. 2 ranked Long Beach State before graduating in 1987. Mitch held an ATP ranking from 1989-1994 and won over 100 Men’s Open titles in his playing career. Mitch has trained more than 30 current D1 players from Tennessee, Texas, Pepperdine, UCLA, San Diego State, Cal Poly, Princeton, BYU, UCI, Harvard, Utah, Oregon, and Washington. Mitch has also worked with many ATP and WTA-ranked pros and is looking forward to creating some future professionals at the Academy.

As Director my role is to educate my players on how to BUILD a game around their strengths, understanding their weaknesses, and to train them to become hard-nosed competitors with a fighting spirit willing to LEARN, PRACTICE, and STUDY.