Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy (JBTA) full-time students receive comprehensive player evaluations to make the development process efficient and effective. Our evaluation method systematically identifies developmental strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint specific skills a player is lacking.

We take all parts of a players game and measure it with a rating that combined with strategic planning should increase as their performance level increases. The academy rating (score) tells us based on a players age if they are ahead of their peers and long-term goal timeline or behind so we can make necessary adjustments to the training schedule.





Performance Evaluation Assessment Key P.E.A.K. >> assesses a player’s ability and projects future developmental proficiency.



JBTA PHASE III >> is a grading metric that illustrates whether a player in on track to reach their goal based on tangible landmarks.



Our Competitive Edge Plan C.E.P. >> which is a roadmap for our player’s daily training is updated monthly to stay current.



PATH TRAINING >> clarifies how the daily training should be conducted to ensure our players are focused on a specific goal.




Performance Evaluation Assessment Key: P.E.A.K. is a technical, tactical, mental, and physical evaluation conducted by the JBTA Directors, and head coaches. As a rating based evaluation, all parts of a player’s game is given a score (separated by category – technique, etc.), with all scores compiled to calculate a performance rating.

The player’s academy performance rating is then combined with current competition rankings (ex. USTA BG Divisions), Universal Tennis Rating, and Tennis Recruiting Network Stars. A final score is generated with detailed proficiency and deficiency indicators allowing us to devise a custom plan. All academy players are evaluated monthly.

Phase III Metrics Chart: The second component of our evaluation method is a metrics chart we call PHASE III. When a player is evaluated with P.E.A.K. and an academy performance rating (score) is generated we compare the player’s score, age, and competitive ratings to our chart.

The PHASE III chart is divided into 3 age ranges with specific developmental landmarks that are associated with each year of training. When a player’s P.E.A.K. score is compared to the chart we can get an idea of how advanced (accelerated) or behind a player is in their development.

Competitive Edge Plan: After generating a performance rating with our P.E.A.K., and assessing a player’s overall proficiency with our PHASE III chart we move into developing a training plan that pinpoints specific deficiencies, and proficiencies in each development category. This systematic approach provides the player with a more efficient way to train and gives coaches clear objectives when planning the day to day drills.

The C.E.P. is a kind of business plan for our team (player, coaches, and parent managers) to review and project progress. This plan also determines realistic goals in any given time period. Whether a player is with us on a short stay program or long-term the plan keeps us all on task.



Jackson-Bridge at Los Cab is an ideal venue for total tennis training, and we are looking to make a substantial impact on junior development for years to come.


Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy is one of the few academies in California to offer full service tennis training for full-time and part-time players.



Being in the heart of Southern California, allows JBTA players to access competition at every tournament level of offered from Pro, ITF, and regional.



Our multi-sport facility in SoCal with 23 courts, olympic-sized pool, 2 fitness centers, and on-site tournaments is now an Academic center as well.



Academy Calendar + Save the date: The Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy calendar at a glance. To participate in our upcoming tennis events in California, click here EVENTS >>





Due to Covid-19 our tournament schedule will be contingent upon the when the USTA and CDC resumes competition. In the mean time we are planning to offer UTR Tournaments for academy players and locals.

Open & National

California is host to 100+ Jr. Open tournaments and 20+ National tournaments. JBTA has players competing weekly.


ITF + Futures

The Junior ITF and Futures Circuits are strong with 3 Junior ITF, 8+ Futures taking place at SoCal venues.



California is home to the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, and 8+ Challenger men’s and women’s tournaments.



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All summer and full-time early registrations come with special offers. Now until May 31st, new full-time boarding students will receive 10% off first semester tuition. Summer students will receive 10% off any summer package (limited to one package per player). All tuition must be paid in full at signup. Summer Camp includes full-day and partial day sessions.

Full-time Includes:

  • Boarding (w/ Meals & Supervision)
  • Transportation
  • College Placement
  • Academics (w/ Additional Cost)
  • Visa assistance (Int’l Players)


Tuition Specials

Cost saving may vary based on the players complete training plan. Space is limited for full-time boarding options so players will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Summer boarding is reserved with our off site Hotel affiliates.

  • Full-time Cost Savings: Up to $2,000
  • Summer Camp Savings : $250-$500


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As we get back on court the JBTA team is offering new deals, and incentives to get your game to the next level.

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