The Jackson-Bridge method is designed to develop professional level skills by continually evaluating technical, tactical, physical, and mental proficiencies with the maturity of our players. We also work on our player’s overall personal development through education, culture, diet, and social interaction to help build character.

We have created a two-fold development method. The first part is our Performance Evaluation Assessment Key (P.E.A.K.) which assesses our player’s current ability and projects future proficiency to serve as a 360-degree player profile evaluation.

The second component of the method is our Competitive Edge Plan (C.E.P.) which is a roadmap for our players daily training. Players are continually evaluated through P.E.A.K. to ensure a direct training path to their long-term goal.

JBTA Do’s & Don’ts:

DO: We work in Small Groups to maximize development
DON’T: No After-school program to distract Full-timers
DO: Expect Academic excellence On and Off the court
DON’T: Allow Non-Head Coaches to manage players
DO: Require Fitness at every level of development