Dear Players and Parents,

Welcome to Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy. We are excited that you are considering us for your new training home. We are very passionate about tennis and training, and we feel that Jackson-Bridge is an ideal place for college preparatory training and development. There are dozens of quality full-time boarding academies in the world, but living, training and competing in the US is an excellent way to prepare for both college tennis and college academics.

In your search for the optimal academy experience, there are many factors to consider, the first of which is location. Orange County is a terrific place to live and train. The climate in Orange County is second to none with endless sunshine, low humidity, mild summers with no winter, and close proximity to the beach. Other strengths of Orange County are its strong economy, and it is a beautiful place to live. This area has a very low crime rate, and it has a low case rate of COVID-19 compared to other counties in the US and Europe.

Another good reason to train in this area is that SoCal is rich in tennis talent. Not only are there thousands of strong players, but SoCal has the best tournament circuit in the world for development. From lower level junior tournaments all the way to ATP/WTA events, players have several tournament options most weekends. JBTA is centrally located in the heart of the tournament circuit, which means less time and money spent on travel and hotels. Also, with our proximity to 50+ SoCal universities, we are able to tour a college per month to help players with their difficult decisions on where to attend university.

Southern California is an excellent place to live and train to prepare for college tennis, but players need a strong program as well to make sure that they can compete at a high enough level necessary to make their dreams come true. Our method of training at Jackson-Bridge will allow you to thrive with your game. We outwork other players with a combination of high energy training and outstanding information and coaching. All of our full-time players receive a great deal of attention without feeling smothered. JBTA attracts serious students who want to improve and excel. We train for quality, and we train the athlete as well as the tennis player. We know that our players need to improve athletically as well as in tennis skill, and we make sure that our players are always working on becoming faster, stronger, more durable and more mentally tough. JBTA players know how to train vigorously and that’s how they gain mental toughness. Through our extensive evaluation processes, we are continually monitoring all facets of our players’ games. This is how we tailor our training toward the specific needs of our players.

Other factors that enhance our academy are (1)Elite Prep, our tutorial classroom with on-line curriculum, (2)our University Placement & Scholarship Program (UPSP), and (3)our boarding accommodations at Los Cab Sports Village. First, most of our boarding students attend Elite Prep, 15 minutes from Los Cab in Irvine, CA. Elite Prep is an international school with on-line curriculum in a tutorial classroom. Elite Prep has 50 classrooms internationally, and we are fortunate to have Elite Prep nearby, with plans to add an Elite Prep classroom at Los Cab Fall 2021. Because players have an on-line, NCAA approved curriculum with tutoring they are able to excel in classes, languages and SAT/ACT testing. Going to school on-line also allows for more time to make big improvements in their games, so that they can gain acceptance into stronger universities in both tennis and academics.

Secondly, our University Placement & Scholarship Program insures that our players are all staying on track in the college process. Players continually work with our UPSP Director to help advance their preparation for college, through building a personal university database, keeping academic resumes current, updating Tennis Recruiting bio/history or making contact directly with college coaches. Our staff is connected to hundreds of university coaches at all levels (D1, D2, D3, NAIA), and our coaches have trained players that have gained acceptance and earned scholarships to the following schools over the last 20+ years: UCLA, USC, Yale, Princeton, Pepperdine, UC Irvine, Harvard, Columbia, Illinois, Iowa, San Diego State, UC San Diego, UC Davis, Brown, Nebraska, Missouri, ASU, Arizona, U San Diego, Cal Poly, UC Riverside, Creighton, Dartmouth, U Chicago, Boise St, Oregon, Utah, BYU, Colorado, UC Santa Barbara, UNLV, Boston U, MIT, U Connecticut, Minnesota.

Lastly, our on-site boarding in the condominiums at Los Cab Sports Village enhances life at Jackson-Bridge. It is convenient, safe and fun to board where you train. We currently have two condominiums in Spring 2020, and we will only add one condo each semester to maintain the quality in the boarding program. We will have two boys’ condos and one girls’ condo for Fall 2020, with an average of 4 players per condo. We have a Boarding Supervisor and a full-time Boarding Assistant as well as a female live-in coach in the girls’ condo.

Players apply to the program and attend the academy for a try-out to see if the program/player is the right fit. Attitude, tennis level, academics and personal conduct are considered to make sure that we build the right team.

This is a big choice, and we hope we have given you a good picture of who we are and how we operate. Being in Southern California, training with top talent and using our system are all excellent ways to prepare for the rigors of college tennis in the US!

All the best,

Mitch Bridge
Director/Head Coach
Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy