Individualized Training Paths

Jackson-Bridge is you final destination tennis academy

FULL-TIME >> The program involves systematic training designed by the DIRECTORS >> for players who attend independent/online academic programs. PART-TIME >> This program is for players attending traditional schools and playing High School to Open tournaments. These camps include SUMMER >> and SEASONAL CAMPS >>. EVALUATIONS: Our evaluation methods identify players strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint specific skills a player is lacking.


Technical: Our technical academy has all coaches participating in player development. Tactical: We train for competition – UTR ladders, team match play, and situational points.

Physical: Include flexibility (injury prevention), agility, balance, strength, and speed training. Mental: We consistently work on mental toughness, with mental training classes weekly.


CAREER PATHS: JBTA players choose a career path within the two main destinations, College and Professional. JBTA offers training for both paths, including college recruiting services.


The Jackson-Bridge PATH-TO-COLLEGE >> tennis program is for players who attend independent/online academic programs and traditional high schools playing Junior Open to National tournaments. Players in this Path-to-College tennis program are typically ages 10-22, with the program customized for the specific needs of each player.

INCLUDES: Customizable Programs, College placement, Private instruction, Fitness, Tournament Team, Mental Toughness Training, Parent Manager Training.


Our PATH-TO-PRO >> program involves systematic training designed by KEVIN JACKSON >> and MITCH BRIDGE >>. The player roster is limited to 4-6 players. Players are typically ages 12-30 years with 5 to 7 years playing experience and are competing in National to ITF tournaments.

INCLUDES: Private instruction, Fitness, Tournament Team, Mental Toughness Training, Parent Manager Training.

Match Play

As a part of our FULL-TIME ACADEMY >>, players are invited to participate in our practice match program from 3pm-6pm daily. Players are paired against comparable students. Matches will consist of sets, singles, and doubles.



On-site Tournaments

Due to Covid-19 our tournament schedule will be contingent upon the when the USTA and CDC resumes competition. In the mean time we are planning to offer USTA & UTR Tournaments for academy players and locals.



The Academy Learning Center at Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy provides a structured and supportive learning environment for independent study students grade levels (K-12). Now with On-site & In-class options.


The Academy Learning Center provides a structured and supportive learning environment for independent study students. Individualized instruction, program coordination, and student-athlete accountability is our primary focus. Students are attending all grade levels (K-12). Traditional school include a modified academic schedule to all for increased tennis training hours.

What We Offer:

• Daily instruction, planning & grading
• Test/SAT & ACT preparation
• Low staff/student ratio
• Counseling services/program referrals
• College applications & recommendations
• Parent-Teacher Conferencing
• Private tutoring by appointment (all subjects)


Jackson-Bridge has partnered with three accredited academic programs. For US and international independent study our students attend the Academy Learning Center of Orange County. Students requiring I-20 VISA, and or a traditional classroom curriculum will attend either Anaheim discovery Christian School (NOW ONLINE) or Mater Dei High School.

Multi Curriculum:

• Irvine Home School K/8 (Irvine Residents)
• CHEP (K/8)
• Pacific Coast High School
• Connections Academy (Online Program)
• Laurel Springs (K-12)
• Julian Charter School (K-12)
• Other Independent Study Programs Welcome


We offer full-time boarding and visa assistance for all international tennis students. Our international students obtain their I-20 STUDENT VISAS from the Anaheim Discovery School, a private school located in nearby Anaheim. ADCS has ESL as well as a full curriculum of college preparatory and NCAA–approved coursework. New for 2020 – all JBTA academics, and boarding are on-site at Los Cab Sports Village.


Home Style Boarding

Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy is one of the few academies in California to offer the safety and comfort of on-site boarding with 24-hour supervision. JBTA is located in Fountain Valley, California. (Southern California, 5 miles from Disneyland)



Year-round Activities

JBTA players balance hard work and social fun. Additional events include: movies, beaches, SoCal landmarks, amusement parks (Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Six Flags Magic Mountain). In SoCal, there is no shortage of interesting venues.




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